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Aladdin Light Lifter ALL1000RM-454kg

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This chandelier lifting system is designed so the motor unit can be remotely mounted and does not have to be above the chandelier. This is very useful where space is restricted above the chandelier. It is possible to mount the motor up to 7.62m from pulley ceiling box which is fitted above the chandelier.

This chandelier winch will lift chandeliers and other lighting units up to 454kg.
Comes with 19.8m cable as standard, more available on request.
One excellent feature of this chandelier winch is that it has a separate lighting and motor circuit which means that it can be used with a lighting dimmer switch.
The maximum power rating for chandelier light bulbs is 2.2kW as standard and this can be increased to 3.3kW or 4.4kW if necessary.
The dimensions of the motor unit which is installed remotely are 45.7cm wide, 69.9 cm long and 22.9cm high. The motor is on 3 struts which are 96.5cm long.
The lift pulley system and contact plate which is mounted above the chandelier is 10 cm diameter when viewed from below. This comes fitted to a mounting bracket of length 35cm which can be trimmed down to the length required. 
These lighting lifts are rigorously tested to US and CE standards and use the latest in electrical and gearing technology for long service life. This winch has a double braking system fitted as an extra safeguard.
Additional directional pulleys can be purchased to allow more complex cable routing.

Made to Australian standards

Product code: ALL1000RM-454KG
WIDTH: 700.00 mm
HEIGHT: 230.00 mm