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LED Chandelier Light Globes

Now available for crystal chandeliers and all types of decorative light fittings.

LED -  A direct replacement for incandescent and halogen globes. Save electricity... save money... and become environmentally friendly.

Why LED?

  • LED Candle globes use 2.7 watts and have the same light output as a normal 25watt incandescent candle globe but only use approximately 10% of the power.
  • LED Candle Globes’ light effect is the same as a 25 watt incandescent globe where the light is refracted through the crystal creating the gorgeous look we are after when installing  a chandelier.
  • LED Candle Globes for chandeliers can be used with any existing chandelier by just replacing your old globes for these new LED Candle Globes. The transformer is built in to the base of the LED globe so it can use 240 volts. No external transformer is necessary.